Design is now magic

Progman's MagiCAD software brings HVAC and Electrical Design once again a large step forward. MagiCAD is suited for many purposes. Both draughters and designers can now enjoy incredibly effective and easy-to-use drawing functions. Whether you're a draughtsman or a designer, MagiCAD is all you need for designing HVAC and Electrical systems. Integrated sizing, balancing and quantity calculations are self-evident in all Progman software.

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Microsoft Certified Partner

Admea is officially Microsoft Certified Partner since January 1st, 2006.

Tailormade Software

The development of e-commerce is a "hot-issue". For Internet / Intranet-applications there are various concepts, with which we can serve you.

Advice & Research

Structural managing your (digital) documents becomes more and more important because of the emerging 'digitizing' of the processes of your office. By means of a short analysis of these processes for your drawingroom, we can show you, how you can use the available possibilities in the most optimal way.