BIMcaseweek 2008

17-21 November, Utrecht

The second annual event of the BIMcaseweek was organized by "Platform Virtueel Bouwen", a work group functioning under Cogrit (contactgroep ICT) from Bouwend Nederland, alongside co-organisors Rijkswaterstaat and Rijksgebouwendienst. The 2008 event was held from the 17th to the 21st of November 2008 in Utrecht, a city in the heart of the Netherlands.

The aim of this open interactive workshop was to promote and evaluate the status of BIM practice in the Netherlands. Various target groups; advisors, engineers, modellers and administrators were invited to demonstrate their BIM awareness and skills to a public audience of several hundred people.

The target was to achieve a definitive concept through a one week fictional project. The project involved creating designs and building costs for a large construction, integrating water surrounding, a highway and railway line and was multi disciplinary, in that it involved every facet from calculation to structure to installation, among others.

BIM has become a well known concept in the Netherlands over the last 20 years, however in practical application it is still in it's developmental stages. Many companies in the building industry are hesitant to pro-actively adapt to BIM, wary of investing in what seems to them as a marketing ploy rather than a methodology proven successful in other countries around the globe. Nevertheless, all the participants of BIMcaseweek 2008 were given the opportunity to foresee that the future undoubtedly lay in a BIM practice. Events such as these are laying solid foundations for the less adventurous investor, demonstrating BIM as the optimal way to realize building projects, and revealing BIMs accessibility for every user and client.


MagiCAD was represented by J.M. Veilleux and B. Rutgers from "Admea" and "Smits van Burgst" respectively. MagiCAD was an eye-opener for the majority of participants and members of the public. Throughout the week the team was able to demonstrate the extensive capacity and flexibility of this Autocad based software. Due to the consistent high performance of MagiCAD and it's operating team, the MagiCAD team were invited for the closing ceremony to present what they'd achieved as representatives of the building services sector.

As we all know, the Scandinavian countries are worldwide leaders in BIM practice, so Admea/Smits van Burgst hope to come back again next year with some of the best Scandinavian MagiCAD users. Through their experiences, input and advice, the hope is to achieve yet a higher rating in the Dutch BIM scale.

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